Interesting Facts About Car Paint Protection

There’s more car paint correction than you probably know about. It’s best to first understand how it works before heading to your favourite detailer.

What You Need to Know before Heading Out for Car Paint Correction

While it can be thrilling to have a car whose paintwork doesn’t wear down, get dented, or chip away, it’s just not possible. The only thing permanent in the life of a car is deterioration and that starts taking place the moment the car is driven out of the showroom. As a matter of fact, a car’s coating is the first to sustain damage during the first few hours of use after purchase. So expect it to be in a pretty bad state after just a few months on the road.

Fortunately, you can bring back your car’s damaged paintwork to its pristine self by having your car detailed by a world-class detailer on the Sunshine Coast such as Clean Getaway. They normally do paint correction on all kinds of vehicles, from utility vehicles to motorcycles, as part of their professional car detailing packages. Here’s some information to give you an idea of how this service works. 

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of eliminating the imperfections that make a vehicle’s exterior paint look dull and hazy. A lot of factors could lead to the dullness and haziness of a car’s exterior paint, including temperature fluctuations, exposure to moisture, dust and debris it catches as the car moves forward, to name a few. Restoring the damaged paintwork involves a number of processes, ranging from deep polishing to recoating.

It’s easy to tell if your car’s paintwork already needs some sprucing up apart from the fact that it looks less vibrant than when you first bought your car. If you flash a light on your car and you notice swirl marks and fine scratches, then it’s high time your car receives its well-deserved detailing. A trip to the car wash won’t make any difference. Only a certified detailer can get rid of these imperfections.

How do you know if a detailer has done the paint correction well?

Unfortunately, not all detailers carry out paint correction the same or as thorough as that of Clean Getaway Car Detailing. This is why you have to be able to tell the difference between a great job and a substandard one so that you can avoid the latter. High-quality paint correction is usually characterised by the proper removal of the common blemishes on the car paint. Meaning, they must be properly scraped off and not just covered up or hidden with fillers.

Detailers use abrasive but safe polishes to get rid of paint imperfections. In the process, a large portion of the clear coat will be corroded away, which is why detailing also involves the application of a new paint protection. You would know if a detailer knows what they’re doing by the brand of paint protection they use. Top detailers like Clean Getaway only use the safest and most effective products available on the market.

The next time you think of having your car detailed to make it look as good as new again, find a detailer that has qualified technicians and well-trained detailers and uses advanced techniques. While you should ask “how much does paint correction cost?” it’s not advisable to always opt for the cheapest choice. It pays to have your vehicle detailed by real experts and not by novices that don’t know the differences between the products they are using.




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