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Graphene & Ceramic Coating That Works

Living on the Sunshine Coast requires paint protection that is going to work and last the test of time in our extreme environment.  Forget the ‘bullsheep’ marketing gimmicks, with over 10 years of experience in ceramic coatings and having protected thousands of vehicles, we provide only the most superior protection services on the Coast. 

We’re proud to use the only CSIRO scientifically tested & Australian-crafted range of high-performance coatings that have been engineered to withstand the harshest conditions.  Whether you plan on owning your vehicle for 3 years or 13, we’ll tailor the perfect protection package to suit your needs! 

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Our Warranted Paint Protection Packages

Check out our NXTZEN protection packages to see what type of coating suits your budget and needs.  Prices may vary due to vehicle colour, size, type of paint & condition. 


NXTZEN Ceramic Coating
Lasts Up To 5 Yrs
Prices Start From $595
  • All External Painted Surfaces
  • Wheel Faces
  • Head & Tail Lights
  • External Plastics
  • External Chrome Trims


NXTZEN Ceramic Pro Coating
5 Year National Warranty
Prices Start From $845
  • All External Painted Surfaces
  • Plastics, Chrome & Lights
  • Inside Fuel Cap
  • Wheel Faces
  • WIndscreen Wiper Arms
  • Sunroof


NXTZEN Graphene Serum Coating
7 Year National Warranty
Prices Start From $995
  • All External Painted Surfaces
  • Plastics, Chrome & Lights
  • Inside Fuel Cap
  • Wheel Faces
  • WIndscreen Wiper Arms
  • Sunroof
  • Front Windscreen
  • Door Openings
  • Overnight Curing Required


NXTZEN Elite Dual-Layer Coating
9 Year National Warranty
Prices Start From $1,695
  • All External Painted Surfaces
  • Plastics, Chrome & Lights
  • Inside Fuel Cap
  • Wheel Faces
  • WIndscreen Wiper Arms
  • Sunroof
  • Front Windscreen
  • Door Openings
  • Side Windows
  • Infra-Red Lamp Curing
  • Overnight Curing Required

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Download and read our detailed protection guide to find out more information about our services & products

Australian Made & Tested Graphene Ceramic Coating

Over nearly a century, the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have been improving the lives of people everywhere with science. With a range of inventions and innovations that have had significant positive impact on the lives of people around the world including internet wifi.

CSIRO have conducted independent testing on our NXTZEN professional ceramic resin, to show materials performance in relation to the resistance of corrosive chemicals and Pancreatin.

What is Pancreatin?

Pancreatin is the corrosive, digestive enzyme found in bird and bat droppings, known for its damaging effect on automotive clear coats. NXTZEN coatings have been proven to protect your vehicle from exposure to Pancreatin and other chemicals up to pH14!

Our Paint Protection Coating Process For Cars

Comparing our quote with others?  Make sure you’re comparing apples with apples, so please watch our detailed videos outlining how to complete our services to acheive a superior result!  We know we are not the cheapest, nor do we try to be, as our focus to ensure your vehicle has the best protection possible. 

*When safely possible

Watch our video showcasing how detailed our Protection services are! 

Ceramic VS Graphene Coatings – The Difference

We understand that it can be very confusing to know what protective coating to choose for your vehicle – so we interviewed Joel, the director of NXTZEN Australia to ask him all the questions everyone is asking.  He explains the chemistry behind graphene and how it works whilst outlining what it’s like to manufacture protective coatings in Australia with CSIRO backing.  If you want some real information without the smoke and mirrors, check out this interview! 

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Provide us with their detailed quote as we might be able to match it, like for like!  

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a super thin yet extremely durable liquid layer that bonds to the paintwork to provide the best form of protection.  It’s an incredible Sacrificial Layer that is designed to protect the factory Clear Coat on your car which won’t wear away from the Sun’s harsh UV unlike a paint wax would, and it won’t wash off if you clean your car regularly. 

It’s so important to not get too caught up in all the fancy titles, what matters most is whether it performs amazingly or not!  Graphene is an additive that is mixed in with the Ceramic Coating formula which helps create a stronger bond between the paint & coating.  The Graphene helps reduce water spotting from occurring and has some self-healing properties (depending on the coating).  There are incredible ceramic coatings like NXTZEN Ceramic Professional, and there are real dodgy ones too, the same applies for Graphene Coatings – you really need to do your homework and find out what professional detailers are using, and why. 

The ultimate purpose of a ceramic/graphene coating is to act as a sacrificial layer on top of your paintwork, protecting it from harsh UV rays from the sun, chemical etching, and light scratches.  It’s not a magic forcefield that can withstand anything; however it provides the best form of protection unlike any product you can buy off the retail shop shelf and it’s super effective for years! If you were to compare a protected vehicle to a non-protected car, fast-forward 5 years later – you will see a distinct difference in the condition of each vehicle.  Our ceramic coatings are backed with a national warranty too which is great for providing peace of mind.   Like any warranty, we recommend reading it through so you understand what is and is not covered.   

We understand why this question is so important to answer!  We are always wanting to provide the highest performing protection for our customers, which is why we do our homework when it comes to making sure we’re using the best products presently available.  As new advancements are made in the chemist lab and coatings are enhanced & improved, we want to be sure that we’re offering you the absolute best that’s on offer.  Nevertheless, we back every protection package we have offered in the past and will continue to provide support where needed for our customers. 

There is a thorough process required prior to installing the coating (which you can see in our detailed videos on YouTube) but the application itself is carried out by using a special applicator to apply the coating to the external surfaces.  Ceramic Coatings need to be installed in clean spaces with minimal humidity which is why we have air-conditioned facilities and all the best lighting to ensure the best quality installation so that you have the optimum protection for your vehicle!     

Ceramic coatings can be removed, but only by using an abrasive like a cutting compound or if you were to use something real rough to regularly wash the vehicle, like a sponge or rag.  If you are using a cheap sponge and chamois to maintain the paintwork, due to them being abrasive, these mediums will slowly wear away at the coating and begin to cause swirls and hinder the overall performance.  Every ceramic coating can be removed, no matter what the manufacturer says, nothing is bullet proof.

Yes, if you get in a bingle, the panel beater shop can still repaint the panels.  Since you’ll always receive an invoice from us for every job we do, if you have car insurance, they should cover the cost of having the ceramic coating reapplied a few weeks after the repair work is carried out – but please discuss that with your Insurer. 

If your paint gets some harsh scratches, it can be machine polished to remove the scratches, but the coating will need to be reapplied so that the panel can still be protected.  Hopefully the scratches can be fully polished out, if not, it might be worth considering having the panels repainted. 

Yes, just like everything we own, maintenance is required.  But it’s very straight forward and we provide you with a Wash Pack to get started as well as sending you a detailed video showcasing how to wash and upkeep your vehicle’s coating!  It’s simple though, regularly washing your car with good quality products is really all your car needs.  It’s also very ideal to give your vehicle the professionals touch after 6 months or so and have our team carry out an exterior clean ensuring everything is going as planned.  Ceramic & graphene coatings are not ‘set and forget’ or ‘one hit wonders’ and it’s not reasonable to think that once coated, the vehicle can be neglected and never cleaned but still look brand new – it’s not a magic forcefield.

No, just because they might be labelled as ‘ceramic’, that does not mean it’s the same as the coatings we use.  You can purchase a ‘ceramic coating’ from eBay for $20 but that is extremely inferior compared to what we use at Clean Getaway.  It’s paramount that you compare apples with apples, not only between the products themselves but also the process prior to installing the ceramic coating.  It’s also critical to understand what IS and ISN’T included in the packages. 

There are so many types of ceramic coatings on the market and there are many great ceramic coatings like ours.  We believe the NXTZEN coatings are of the highest quality because we’ve been able to measure how they compare with other industry leading products that set the benchmark.  The performance of a ceramic coating also really relies on the quality of installation and how it’s been allowed to cure.  If the vehicle is parked outside once coated, it’ll be in it’s softest state so you’re not setting yourself up to win.  We know there are other products that boast they’re the best while promising unrealistic warranty terms (like 20 years or that the coating stops scratches etc) – but when you’ve been in the industry for over 13 years and have protected thousands of cars, you learn what ACTUALLY works etc.  

That’s a good question and we get told many times that we are cheaper, the same or even more expensive than the dealership – it’s different every time.  We don’t have any hidden spy cameras at dealerships so we can’t tell you exactly what goes on, but we always recommend you do your own research online to see what others have seen and reported.  You want to compare their preparation processes with ours and find independent information about their protection products they use, such as who else uses those products and why?  What we do know is that our team are professional and protecting your vehicle is our passion and a core part of our business of over 12 years – that’s our focus. 

If your car has had a ceramic coating and has stopped beading, then it’s time to get it into our workshop for a maintenance wash and inspect to see what is going on.  Sometimes when it’s just the top surfaces like the roof, bonnet and boot that are not beading, it’s because a fine layer of dirt/contamination has built up on the surface on top of the coating, preventing water from beading nicely as it’s not rolling off a smooth surface.  So this means that the coating IS NOT dead, it just means it needs a birthday and some loving. 

Take photos and email them through to us with details.  How long was the bird poo there before you cleaned it off?  Where and when did it happen?  Once we receive all your details, we will contact the Ceramic Coating manufacturer to raise a warranty claim.

When we are installing a warranted ceramic or graphene coating package, the warranty is provided by NXTZEN Australia.  You can jump on their website to read their warranty terms.  We always recommend this like when buying a new home appliance or even a vehicle, it’s always worth reading the warranty terms so that you can clearly understand them. 

This is a characteristic of a ceramic or graphene coating where it’s able to reform its original finish when it is exposed to high temperatures such as from the sun or a heat gun.  This is amazing technology that will help keep your vehicle looking its best even if you’ve accidentally induced micro scratches whilst washing your vehicle. 

NXTZEN are an Australian automotive protective coatings and chemicals manufacturer based in Sydney who have over a decade of experience in car care and ceramic coatings.  The founders of NXTZEN had previously been the distributors of Opti-Coat ceramic coatings, the world leaders in their time and now have formulated their own range of coatings suitable for our climate.  NXTZEN focuses on what matters most for Aussies and their vehicles but also have installers all around the globe! 

We use NXTZEN’s coating range as we know their products best serve the needs and expectations of our customers and the proof is in the pudding.  We know it’s important to be confident if what is being applied to your vehicle, so a reputable brand that has the independent backing such as from the CSIRO is the best form of reassurance you can get.  You can easily see that NXTZEN aren’t on the hype train that’s about to crash, they’ve invested so much in local production, test facilities and most importantly R&D for our own Nation. 

So many ceramic coatings are not made for the Australian environment and harsh climates we endure.  The NXTZEN range of coatings are one of the only coatings in the world that have been tested by the CSIRO to show amazing resistance against multiple acids and the harmful enzyme found in bird & bat poo. Manufactured locally means that they can be easily enhanced & that all the support for us as the Installer and our customers is fantastic.  There are many great brands and other products out there, but the NXTZEN range ticks all the boxes when it comes to Performance, Support & Price.

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