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Sunshine Coast’s Electronic Rust Prevention

No one likes rust, especially if it’s in your car!  Whether you live near the beach or up in the Maleny mountains, rust can still form in your vehicle where you least expect it which is why you need the right protection.  The ERPS system is made in Australia, for Australian conditions & has a 10 year National Warranty to back it up!

ERPS Electronic Rust Protection System

From $795 inc GST |
  • Proudly Australian Made
  • Marine Grade Wiring Used (Unlike Others)
  • 480 Volt Output for Optimum Protection
  • 100% Waterproof Couplers
  • Genuine Warranty Provided
  • 4, 6 & 10 Coupler Systems

How Do ERPS Systems Work?

In simple terms, rust develops because of a loss of electrons from the steel surface. By creating a negative charge on the surface of the steel (a negative charge being electron rich) we replace those electrons being lost and create an excess. Thus, slowing down the electro-chemical reaction of the rusting process.

The ERPS system operates a unique “closed loop” electrical circuit. This means that all couplers are connected to a common rail supply line.  The “closed loop” coupler circuit allows for complete monitoring of the coupler supply line, any fault in the circuit is immediately shown up and the LED light on the generator will go out, indicating a fault. Once the fault is rectified the system will immediately “reset” and the operation returns to normal.

Why Use ERPS?

ERPS began in 1996 and has seen over 30 competitors come and go since then and is also a locally owned company. ERPS manufacture all of their components and they don’t use standard automotive components because they cannot withstand harsh environmental conditions.

At Clean Getaway we use ERPS because we know that our clients will receive the best system on the market and can feel safe and secure, knowing their car is protected from rust. From a hatchback to a large 4WD, we can fit any car, any age!

Why ERPS Is Superior

To ensure ERPS output voltage is higher than any other units on the market, ERPS has been building all components and conducting all R&D in-house for the last 15 years.

Thee wiring from ERPS Australia is marine grade and the fuses are sealed and moulded to be 100% waterproof. The components in the ERPS kit include solder joiners and dual wall heat shrink to enable the installer to make sealed, resistance free joins

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