What Takes Place During A Car Detail?

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Back in 2010, Joe took on Clean Getaway Car Detailing solely as a mobile service on the Sunshine Coast when he was just 19. With his beloved VT Commodore & trailer, the business slowly grew, enabling him to employ staff, upgrade vehicles, and within a few years operate 4 mobile vans servicing the Coast also while working from their home garage. Taking a huge leap of faith, in 2016, Joe & his wife Mia transitioned Clean Getaway into the current workshop in Warana, providing a professional fixed location like no other, and then expanded into another unit in the same building complex in 2021 creating much-needed space for vehicles.

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The Importance of Regular Exterior Car Maintenance

At Clean Getaway Car Detailing, nestled in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, we understand the value of keeping your vehicle’s exterior in pristine condition. Our picturesque coastal locale offers plenty of beauty, but it also presents challenges to maintaining

BMW Ceramic Coating

5 Facts about Ceramic Coatings You Must Know!

Paint Protection on the Sunshine Coast is an absolute necessity!  The Coast is beautiful and has so much to offer however being located on the coastline, makes your vehicle more vulnerable to water spotting, contamination, and rust.  Here are 5

newly washed car

Are Car Washes Bad for Your Car?

Are Car Washes Bad for Your Car? Find Out Why You Need Professional Car Detailing Car washes are a gift to car owners who suck at cleaning their own vehicles and those that don’t have the time for it. While



When you book any of our Ceramic Paint Protection Packages in June, you will receive our Interior Protection and External Glass Coating Package worth $695 for FREE!