What Does Carnauba Wax Do? The Benefits of a Properly Waxed Vehicle

Is Carnauba Wax Good Protection for My Car? Benefits of Carnauba Car Wax

It feels like since the beginning of time Carnauba wax has been around! Everyone wants their car to be waxed with Carnauba to ensure that the paint is protected from the sun and bird droppings. When you stroll into an auto store such as Super Cheap Auto or Autobarn, you’ll most likely be recommended to purchase some kind of wax to protect your vehicle’s paint. It makes sense why people believe it’s the best form of protection for their car – it’s all they know! You don’t know what you don’t know. What if we told you that waxing is good, but it’s not great? Product companies tend to get the marketing gurus in to make these products sound a little too good to be true, but it works. There are much better ways to protect your car, but we’ll explain what Carnauba wax does!

Make Your Car Shine

Without a doubt, a quality Carnauba wax will make your car shine! Obviously if your paint is oxidized, heavily contaminated, or full of swirls, you won’t achieve that beautiful deep glowing wet look you want. When the paint has been prepared properly first with a professional decontamination treatment and paint correction, applying a Carnauba wax will elevate the shine and gloss to a new level. Carnauba wax is sourced from a plant in Brazil and known to give the most shine out of all the different kinds of natural waxes. If you’re planning on using just organic and plant-based products to enhance your car’s shine, then stick to Carnauba wax. However, if you want to achieve that glass-like mirror finish, a quality sealant or, better yet, a ceramic coating installed by a professional is a far better choice.

Smooth as a Baby’s Bottom

After having your car polished, there is one thing people can’t help but do – feel the smoothness of the paint. This is usually a way people judge the quality of service or product, by feeling how slick and smooth the paint is. One of the Carnauba car wax benefits is that it provides a lovely smooth finish – so smooth you can’t leave a microfiber cloth on your bonnet! Smoothness means less friction, which means water repels off the surface and dust is less likely to stick. There are so many benefits of having a smooth surface, which is why regular waxing is a great idea!

Short Term Protection

One thing people may think is that a wax lasts a long time. Truth is it won’t. Durability is not one of the many known Carnauba car wax benefits. Nevertheless, if your vehicle is waxed and never sees the light of day – sure it will last a long time, but it will eventually break down. Waxes only provide short term protection as they are really beneficial to enhance your car’s shine. We believe they’re a great product to apply before a car show or meet so you have the super shiny finish that’s soft as butter. For a daily driver, though, it’s just not practical as the wax rapidly breaks down when exposed to the sun and regular washing. It can get expensive and time consuming applying a wax regularly which is why having a synthetic sealant which can last up to 9 – 12 months on a daily driver car, or a professional grade ceramic coating, is far more beneficial.

Easy to Apply

If waxing your car was a real tough task to do, we highly doubt you’d find it on the front row of the auto store shelf like you do today. Waxing your paint is one of the easiest tasks to carry out when you follow the directions (and do it in the shade). The application can be so easy to apply that you might think you could start doing it on your neighbor’s car to make some cash. Clean Getaway Car Detailing has discovered that many of these kinds of waxes don’t last long, they don’t carry the raw ingredients like the bottle says it does, and they aren’t as durable. You need to ensure that your technique is perfect too, ensuring you’re not marring the paintwork or installing swirls while you apply your wax.

Doesn’t Hurt The Wallet

Wax is also great for its cost-effectiveness. It won’t set you back too much money for a tub or bottle of wax to give your car a birthday every now and again. However, sometimes it can get quite expensive if you’re buying many bottles of wax over a few years, which is why it can be more affordable over the long term to use a synthetic sealant or ceramic paint protection. But for the person who wants to wax their car from time to time, it’s extremely affordable and satisfying, and we say go for it!



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